What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing can be defined as telephone advertising. However, it is not just about advice over the phone, it is also a direct, effective and fast marketing technique that guarantees advertising and sales. It should be noted that business information is the foundation of this approach.

What exactly is telemarketing?

Telemarketing or telephone marketing refers to marketing activities carried out through the telephone channel. It is a direct trade programme that involves direct contact with a large number of customers or potential customers and the direct collection of information. Typically, telephone marketing is used to launch new products or offers or simply to make purchasing suggestions. Note that there are two types of telemarketing: -Inbound calls: Most of the time, these calls come from leads who are already interested in the product. The purpose of handling these calls is therefore to inform, handle complaints and requests and build customer loyalty. -Outbound calls: The main purpose of outbound calls is telemarketing. They are a very effective way of quickly getting in touch with potential customers. Telephone marketing can be B2C, i.e. between companies and individuals, or B2B, i.e. between professionals and companies. In both cases, the immediacy of the exchange helps to create a good relationship between the two parties.

Why choose telephone marketing?

You should bear in mind that by going for the telemarketing method, you can get in touch with several potential customers in a relatively short time. In addition, salespeople can collect feedback on services and products. This information will be useful for preparing new strategies or expanding offers. Telemarketing is also an excellent way of keeping in touch with customers, thus expanding their loyalty. Moreover, this sales technique saves a lot of money and time as telephone conversations force consumers to focus on the main information, which is certainly an advantage for the company.

Hiring telemarketers

Telemarketing involves hiring the professionals that will make outbound calls. In this situation, you will get in touch with your target first, with or without an initial action. However, you may receive either an incoming call after sending an e-mail or a prior advertisement. It is also possible to delegate your telemarketing activities to a specialised agency. Many choose this solution for several reasons, including the speed of processing, reduced costs and efficiency. Indeed, in addition to reducing internal tasks, outsourcing has a practical side to it.

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