How to conduct a telephone survey?

A survey is a study carried out among people chosen randomly. However, the telephone version is a survey of a few specific people. This type of polling is usually conducted in the form of open-ended questions about a product, a service, an advertising campaign, a topic, etc.

Defining your needs

To conduct a telephone survey, it is crucial that you properly define all your needs as doing so without comprehending the purpose of the survey can greatly reduce its quality. By identifying the client’s expectations, you will know the objectives to be achieved and be able to direct or rephrase your questions in the best possible way. This will ensure a more accurate response and a more appropriate use of the results in your telephone survey. It should be noted that the telephone survey is best carried out at the time of the market study, that is to say before a service or product is put online. However, the survey can also be used after the launch of the latter to assess consumer satisfaction.

Devising the telephone survey questionnaire

If you want to conduct a telephone survey, make sure you end up with the right questionnaire as this is your main working tool. To do this, you can make a survey table that includes the questions you will ask respondents, which will help you to be more methodical during the undertaking of this action. You can also ensure that the results of your survey are good by telephone. Also, make sure you address the questionnaire to the right people. Your responses will be multiplied and will be more realistic if you focus your survey on representative individuals or companies, more precisely, individuals or companies selected from a population sample.

Analysing the results efficiently

To make your telephone survey successful, make sure you cleverly analyse its results. First, count them and make graphs out of the data you obtained. Secondly, make a complete analysis of them and interpret them adequately, the main aim being to come up with action plans or areas for improvement on the subject or theme of the questionnaire. Keep in mind that a successful telephone survey must provide real, accurate and real answers. Now you know the steps to follow when conducting a telephone survey so, don’t hesitate to put them into practice to get better results through accurate answers.