How to set up a telephone campaign?

Companies usually establish dialogues with customers using telemarketing. They assess the interest in their products or services and rephrase their speech if necessary to make it suitable to the results obtained during the interview. That’s when telephone campaigns come into play! These are generally used to build customer loyalty but also to win over new customers. Here is then how to set up one!

Defining the objectives of the telephone campaign

Multiple objectives can be achieved with telephone prospecting such as making appointments with partners or customers, increasing the flow of orders by detecting and anticipating needs, making direct sales, persuading the customer to renew a subscription, collecting information for the customer database, etc. Once the said objectives have been defined, the leads must be precisely targeted to avoid unnecessary additional costs. The campaign should then be directed towards high potential customers. Targeting can also be arranged according to the geographical area or age of the customer. However, to check the quality of this action, it will be necessary to test it on a portion of the customer file. Note that the interview guide or call script that the telemarketer uses should include several types of speech to adapt perfectly to the recipient. The good news is that you can easily access the directory of corporate mobile phone numbers in France or any other country online.

Successfully overcoming objections

During a telephone prospecting campaign, the most important thing is to overcome the objections that the customer might express. Indeed, during the conversation, they will inevitably ask questions and might also argue against the commercial offer. The ability to provide counter-arguments and to respond in a relevant manner is therefore key to guaranteeing the success of the campaign. It is thus advisable to familiarise yourself with the competitors’ offers by making a preliminary study of the sales arguments they use.

Properly organising your telephone campaign

Depending on the budget, a telephone campaign can be carried out internally within the company or entrusted to a service provider. To make outgoing calls, an internal call centre can be used. However, it is necessary to select operators who have in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by your firm. Depending on the complexity of the notions to be mastered, it may be necessary for you to submit them to some training. If your company does not have the necessary resources, you can always entrust the task to a service provider.