How to perform a successful e-mail campaign?

An e-mailing campaign is a communication action that consists of the mass sending of a succession of e-mails to a list of qualified or unqualified contacts. One campaign consists of a variable number of e-mails and can offer diversified content. In a nutshell, an e-mail campaign makes it possible to maintain a quality link with one's audience. In that respect, here are the steps to follow to run a successful campaign.

Accurate targeting and creating a framework that suits objectives

To make your e-mail campaign successful, make sure you target the right audience. To do this, it is essential to segment your contacts, i.e. sort them according to specific criteria, including age, gender, profession, address and sector of activity. Then, think about creating a working frame according to an overall objective for a satisfactory campaign. This structure should contain accurate information and can be optimised to best meet your goal, be it to increase turnover, build customer loyalty or build audience trust. In any case, why not consider buying email address files from Annuaire-JCB to reinforce your campaign?

Produce quality content

When creating your email campaign content, make sure you respect a few principles, take your time and be methodical. Build your content starting from the call to action (CTA) while keeping the objective of the message in mind so that you can write coherently. Also, choose a storytelling approach afterwards so as to impress them and encourage them to take action. Don't forget to select the medium that is most suited to your objectives, be it text, video, image, infographic or PDF. Indeed, you should not banish design from e-mails, and the same goes for the degree of personalisation and creativity in your messages. All this must be taken into account if you want to stand out from the competition.

Schedule, test and analyse the emails

Once the content is well written and ready, schedule your emails to be sent. In this case, make sure you send them at the right time; day, time, date, event, etc. Next, do some A/B testing to make sure that the recipient will open the e-mail. The concept here is to carry out a test of two or a few distinct objects on part of your contact list, the aim being to see which e-mail has the highest opening rate. Finally, an analysis phase is required to guarantee the success of your campaign. We're talking here about a study that shows the delivery and opening rate of the message, and the number of clicks on the link in question.

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